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short / experimental


The harmonious idyll of the tea party topples when the protagonists pull out their tools – hammers and screwdrivers – and begin to smash the tea service. An interaction of the dramaturgical action, which consists of making music, with the music playing in the background.

Ana Bilić – director | writer | DOP | editor | producer

Title: Tea Party
Genre: short, experimental
Runtime: 10 min
Production country: Austria
Production year: 2018
Language: no
Director, writer & cinematographer: Ana Bilić
Cast: Naida Jusufhodžić-Grbić, Danilo Wimmer
Editing: Ana Bilić & Danilo Wimmer
Music: Danilo Wimmer
Production: Ana Bilić & Danilo Wimmer

Is there harmony even if there is destruction behind it? And could it still be inspiring for the audience? - My film is an answer to this question. It is based on the principle we enjoyed as children: we discovered the meaning of objects in such a way that we tried them out to their limits and sometimes destroyed them. All playfully, of course. So it is a natural principle that is known to all people and slumbers in every human being as naturalness.

I took another step in the film: as a counterpart to this game and the music that is created during the game, there is a new layer in the film - the background music. The protagonists try to match with their rhythm the rhythm of the music, which is audible only to spectators.