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short / experimental


A sales manager who leads a monotonous life has a special occupation – he passionately drums on the objects in his kitchen. A picture about the search to the rhythm of being happy.

Ana Bilić – director | writer | DOP | editor | producer

Title: Talk to me!
Genre: short, experimental
Runtime: 15:21 min
Production country: Austria
Production year: 2013
Language: no
Director & writer: Ana Bilić
Actor: Danilo Wimmer
Editors: Ana Bilić & Danilo Wimmer
Sound designer: Danilo Wimmer
Production: Ana Bilić & Danilo Wimmer

The protagonist has a special communication with his surroundings - he communicates with objects in his kitchen by drumming on them. Otherwise, he hardly communicates with his surroundings, although his job - as a sales manager - consists of communication. He has divided his life: work and going out as an inner emotionless command and drumming as an expression of lonely primal freedom. I wanted to show how these two phases constantly alternate in his life, creating a rhythm through which the protagonist does not feel his life as alienation.