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short / experimental


The morning ritual of waking up “just 5 more minutes” takes a surprising end. The plot is told in a different way: through static images and film music.

Ana Bilić – director | writer | DOP | editor | producer

Title: Home Sweet Home
Genre: short, experimental
Runtime: 8:54 min
Production country: Austria
Production year: 2010
Language: no
Director, writer & cinematographer: Ana Bilić
Music & editor: Danilo Wimmer
Production: Ana Bilić & Danilo Wimmer

In contrast to the classical way of narration in films where the action is conveyed by moving pictures, in "Home Sweet Home" the action is reduced to the static pictures and the narrative role is taken over by the music. The narrative music speaks about an everyday ritual of many people - the beginning of the day. Through music, the viewer learns what the protagonist sees and how he feels. He enjoys sleeping "for 5 more minutes" and then - as expected - he regrets it. Because the 5 minutes almost turn into an hour. The dream world, which is depicted by suggestive colors, and which is otherwise considered a non-existent world but fills all the senses, answers the question that one is just there at home. In dreams everything is more present and alive than in everyday life.