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short / drama


O mojem mužu

In her monologue, the wife tells what happened when her husband ate her chili dish for lunch. An honest narrative that hides many dishonest deeds.

Ana Bilić – director | writer | actress | producer

Title: About My Man

Original Title: O mojem mužu

Genre: drama

Runtime: 8:55 min

Production country: Austria

Production year: 2016

Language: Croatian

Director, writer & actress: Ana Bilić

Music, editor & cinematographer: Danilo Wimmer

Production: Ana Bilić & Danilo Wimmer


  • Monza Film fest – Monza, IT
  • Award Winner – Best Director
  • Andromeda Film Festival – Istanbul, TR
  • Award Winner – Best Short Film
  • Lady´s First International Film Festival – Cork City, Ireland
  • Official Selection – Short Film
  • London International M. Film Festival – London, UK
  • Honorable Mention – Best Short Film
  • ONED International Film Festival – Versailles, FR
  • Official Selection – Short Film
  • Athens International M. Art Film festival – Athens, GR
  • Honorable Mention – Best Original Script
  • Art Film Awards – Skopje, MKD
  • Finalist – Best Actress
  • 1st Monthly Film Festival – Belgrade, SR
  • Award Winner – Best Indie Short Film
  • Anatolia International Film festival – Istanbul, TR
  • Official Selection – Best Female Director
  • Cinema Sisters International Film Festival – Wilmington NC, USA
  • Official Selection – Female Filmmakers
  • Dunedin International Film Festival – Dunedin FL, USA
  • Official Selection – Short Film

In "About My Man," the woman is deeply divided in her relationship with her husband. She desperately wants to maintain her marriage and togetherness with her husband, with whom she has four children, but his callous ignorance forces her to make an extreme decision. The woman explains why she does this - she has an irresistible need to convince herself and the audience that she and her husband are a perfect couple. She believes that they have achieved perfect happiness together and that nothing could ever jeopardize that happiness.

I wanted to show the discrepancy between reality and ideals. My protagonist believes in her own created reality by forcing her ideas of happiness into reality. And this adaptation happens at any price.