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About Ana Bilić

In the midst of Vienna’s vibrant cultural scene, you will find Ana Bilić, a creative force who is leaving her mark as a screenwriter and filmmaker.

Ana Bilić has been deeply rooted in the world of film and screenwriting since 2010. She acquired her expertise in the renowned screenwriting workshop “Diverse Geschichten” (Witcraft Szenario Vienna), through an acting course with Nora Paul in Vienna, as well as through seminars on film editing and montage (Münchner Filmwerkstatt) and film distribution (Münchner Filmwerkstatt).

Each of her cinematic works is created in close collaboration with Danilo Wimmer, a talented composer and actor. Ana Bilić is more than just a filmmaker – she also develops as a writer, playwright, theater director and linguist. Discover her many creative facets on her German-language website at

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