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Ana Bilic: What I Wanted to Tell You - A Novel Cover Design: Danilo Wimmer
What I Wanted to Tell You – A Novel 

Sarda Edition, 2023

„What I Wanted to Tell You“ unfolds the story of a talkative, passionate, and quick-witted young woman. Monika, in her role as executive secretary in a small company with an overconfident boss, is at the center of a story that takes unexpected turns when she organizes a business dinner.

The protagonist Monika is more than just an executive secretary – she is a personality with charisma and an impressive determination. As she navigates her way through the professional challenges, not only are the boundaries of event planning pushed, but deeper, hidden facets of the characters come to light.

The 138 pages of this novel reveal not only the complexity of professional entanglements, but also the personal entanglements and well-kept secrets that shape what goes on behind the scenes.

„What I wanted to Tell You“ is a novel that inspires reflection on authenticity, the courage to swim against the tide and the impact of personal determination.

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Ana Bilic: Breath in the Art of Winning Cinema - An Analysis of Award-Winning Short Films Ana Bilic - programm director, Cittador International Film Festival Vienna
BREATH in the Art of Winning Cinema – An Analysis of Award-Winning Short Films

Projector Edition, 2024

In the award-winning short films shown at the Cittador International Film Festival in Vienna on December 16 and 17, 2023, breath was the focus of the plot and motif. The book is dedicated to the manifestation of breath in each film, sheds light on its cinematic and artistic significance, analyzes its implementation in the individual works and draws conclusions. This entertaining work offers a concise insight into the captivating theme of breath in the winning films and revealing much that is new.

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Ana Bilic: Cittador My Cittador! - Winged Words Ana Bilic - program director Cittador International Film Festival Vienna
„CITTADOR My CITTADOR!“ – Winged Words

Projector Edition, 2023

„CITTADOR My CITTADOR!“ is a compendium of unusual wisdom on 149 pages that serves a single purpose: to (re)discover the humor in life. Here unfolds a collection where everything starts from Cittador and everything leads back to Cittador. Every word in this guide is a delicately woven painting that not only makes you laugh, but also encourages you to look at life with a twinkle in your eye. „CITTADOR My CITTADOR!“ is the result of a creative journey as part of the prestigious Cittador International Film Festival.

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Ana Bilic: When the Woodlark Sings - Photos Ana Bilic - film director, screenwriter, Vienna, Austria Danilo Wimmer - actor, composer
When the Woodlark Sings: Photos

Projector Edition, 2023

Press Text: „When the Woodlark Sings“ is an award-winning independent feature film by Austrian director Ana Bilić. This arthouse film was shot in black and white. The book accompanying the film presents still frames, set photos and images from rehearsals with the members of the film team, which were taken, selected and curated for the book by the director. In addition, the book contains a detailed statement by the director in which she shares her perspective and thoughts on the film.

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