ana bilić

About My Bookcase, Oscar Wilde and My Vocation as a Writer

Written by Ana Bilić

Ana Bilic, Author

When I opened my so-called publication cupboard a few days ago – the large cupboard containing my author’s books – I realized something: after all these years of professional writing, countless sleepless nights, repeatedly disrupted work-life balance and a big suitcase of experience, my closet now told me something clearly: „But still, good that you became a writer! These books don’t just stay in your closet, they stay in other people’s closets. And also, in the cupboard of the collective memory. To what extent remains to be seen – a human life is too short for that.“ – I smiled in response: „But I only have one lifetime”. – No answer from my cupboard. – I took the last stacked book from the cupboard and ran my hand over its cover. „What I Wanted to Tell You”. A novel about emancipation, being different, quick-wittedness, love, defeat and humor. What it’s like to be female. What it’s like to be single. What it’s like to live in another country. What can you do when nothing else works? And what you get out of it? And the answer came naturally: To surpass yourself. The way to overcome your own mortality. To find your own fulfillment. To bear witness to your own eternal soul. – Yes, and the books in the cupboard were my help. Yes, for me. And for a few others too. – How do you manage that? – Well. As Oscar Wilde would say: be yourself; everyone else is already taken.

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